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Education resources

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It’s very much become part of our Disaster Recovery plan, our Emergency Evacuation procedure and our Bomb procedure. So if staff get a notification, they read it, act on it – it’s all part of the policy now, so Notify is embedded in all of our schools.

L.E.A.D. Academy Trust

NetSupport Notify is fantastic for notifying end users quickly and efficiently – emergency messages, alerts, Notifications and so many more applications! It’s also useful for tracking down certain users if you’ve configured the location settings effectively.

Lichfield Cathedral School

Internal messages often failed to get passed on and some staff even admitted that they never checked their email inbox. The first time we tried NetSupport Notify we knew it was the solution to our problems.

Holmfirth Junior School

NetSupport Notify is designed for exactly what you need and is more flexible and it’s really reasonably prices.

Bishop Rawstorne Church of England Academy

NetSupport Notify is only installed on staff PCs, and it means that it’s quick and easy to issue an alert that everyone can see at the same time…it is an important tool in our Emergency Plan.

Cotham School

We use NetSupport Notify to provide immediate notification to staff, rather than through ‘slower’ email methods. It works very well in our environment.

Binghamton University

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