NetSupport Notify – Overview​

Simple to implement and use, NetSupport Notify offers a high impact, focused and scalable solution to deliver internal one-way alerts and notifications guaranteed to grab attention across a LAN or WAN.

Its multi-platform support allows you to send notifications (with varying priorities, customisations, audibility and delivery options) from a Windows PC or Android/Apple iOS device to Windows, Mac, Chromebook and Linux desktops, as well as unattended large screen public information panels.

The notifications automatically take screen focus, meaning they can’t be hidden, ignored or saved for later (even on locked screens) – and NetSupport Notify also includes a real-time record of who has received and acknowledged your notification.

Creating a notification with NetSupport Notify…

Create a notification

Create a new notification by adding a title and supporting text – or choose an existing notification to reuse.

Choose notification type

Select the type of notification and how it will display.   


Customise the notification with your branding, add logos and choose fonts and colours.

Choose recipients

Select the recipients you want your notification to be sent to.


Choose to schedule the notification or send immediately.


Keep track of who has received and acknowledged the notification.


sending notifications from a Windows Console:

  • Send notifications (up to 1000 characters) across multiple platforms instantly (Windows, Chromebook, Mac and Linux desktops).
  • Send notifications “full screen” to unattended devices (e.g. digital public information screens), with appropriate timeout.
  • Send targeted notifications dynamically to selected users/devices, specified departments or all computers.
  • In time-critical situations, send a pre-configured “emergency response” message via a hotkey combination. Use a three hotkey combination to stop emergency response messages from being sent accidentally.
  • Real-time message previews.
  • Include clickable links to websites and network resources (UNC paths) in the body of the message.
  • Supports 10,000 connected user desktops.
  • In addition to sending notifications using the Active Directory, notifications can also be sent to IP ranges.
  • Support for Terminal Server and Citrix clients.
Discover and deploy
The Deploy utility, launched from the NetSupport Notify program group, provides network administrators with the ability to install and configure NetSupport Notify on multiple workstations without the need to visit the machines individually.

You are provided with a view of your network, allowing you to select the workstations you want to include. You can then choose to deploy the NetSupport Notify Setup package or a Configurations file, and also remotely uninstall NetSupport Notify.


NetSupport Notify allows you to customise the Notification dialog. Choose your caption text and background colour, include a logo to allow the notification to blend in with your branding and add sounds to distinguish between notification levels.

  • Prioritise each notification with clear and concise notification types (e.g. News, Alert, Technical, Security, Alert, Health and Critical). Plus, create your own set of notification type icons (using your own text, fonts and colour) to suit the types of notifications you wish to send out.
  • Customise notifications with text font, size and colour, background colour and your organisation’s logo.
  • Choose the size of the notification and the location that appears on the recipients’ screens, allowing you to adjust the level of impact the notification has.
  • Include custom audio alerts and supporting sounds with each notification for emphasis.
  • Flexible delivery options: auto close after XX seconds, close on user acknowledgement.
  • Send the same notification to multiple sites, each carrying different local branding.
  • Available in a range of localised languages.
Pre-schedule notifications

NetSupport Notify allows you to schedule notifications to be sent at a specific time or date. You can also schedule routine notifications that need to be sent on a recurring basis.

  • Schedule routine alerts to run at fixed times or dates: hourly, weekly, daily, or every xx minutes.
  • View and amend current scheduled notifications.
Reporting and tracking

NetSupport Notify provides a History dialog of all previously sent notifications that includes each message’s title and first line, the username of the sender, the date and time it was sent and the number of recipients who have acknowledged it. A search facility is provided so you can quickly find specific notifications.

  • When the notification is sent, a notification progress chart is automatically created and updates in real-time to show the message being delivered and then acknowledged. This can be accessed from the ‘Recent Messages’ pane where the last 5 notifications sent are accessable.
  • Export the delivery results of a selected notification to a .csv file.
  • Emergency response alerts are now shown in the history list (by default) and alerts can now be pinned to/in the ‘Recent Notifications’ panel, to make it easier to find and re-use important ones.
Security and Active Directory integration

NetSupport integrates with Microsoft’s Active Directory structure, enabling you to centrally manage Notification Agent and Console configurations and control access to the Notification console. By creating an appropriate Group Policy, you can apply standardised configurations to machines without the need to visit individual desktops.

  • Unique security codes limit access to only authorised Agents and Consoles.
  • Integrate within existing systems via the supplied browser-based notification template and COM object.
  • Deploy agents and push out settings centrally through the console using Active Directory.
  • Control ability to send alerts by Active Directory policy.
  • No need for router changes or support for broadcast UDP.
Web interface

In addition to the installed desktop notification console, you can send notifications via the supplied web component. Once installed centrally, authorised users can initiate notifications directly through their web browser.

NetSupport Notify also provides an interface for integration with existing systems.

Notification server

Unlike typical LAN-based messaging solutions, NetSupport Notify provides a dedicated local notification Gateway to allow seamless message delivery across multiple network segments or dispersed sites – without the need for network modifications or switch configuration.

Installed on any Windows server or desktop, the Notification Server (Gateway) manages connections to all desktop Agents and ensures immediate delivery of all notifications.

It controls all Agent and Console connections and authenticates these against unique user-defined accounts and security keys, ensuring authorised use only.

NetSupport Notify also allows multiple Notification Servers (Gateways) to be implemented, so if one is unavailable at any time, Agent connections will automatically switch to the next available server. You can use as many Notification Servers as you want – they are included for free in the standard licence cost. Alerts can be sent to one or multiple Notification Servers simultaneously.

Remote workers

Use NetSupport Notify to send one-way notifications to staff who are working remotely from home. With a few changes to its configuration, you can send any notification, such as “We are currently experiencing issues with the mail server” or “New online resources are now available at xx,” to any staff (Agent) device connected to the internet and Notify Server, helping you boost communication across your organisation.

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NetSupport Notify Mobile Console for Android/iOS

Communicate with your Windows, Chromebook, Mac and Linux desktop users or unattended information displays on the move from an Android tablet, smartphone, iPad, iPod or iPhone.

Free to download from Google Play, Amazon App Store and the Apple App Store, the NetSupport Notify Mobile Console allows you to send instant alerts and notifications to existing users via your established Notification Servers.


sending a notification from an Android/Apple iOS device:

  • Send notifications to Windows, Chromebook, Mac and Linux desktops.
  • Send full screen notifications to unattended digital public information displays.
  • Prioritise notifications with clear and concise notification types.
  • Support for clickable URLs in alerts.
  • Flexible delivery options: auto close after XX seconds, close on user acknowledgement.
  • Send targeted notifications dynamically to selected departments or all computers.
  • View full notification history.
  • Unique security codes limit access to only authorised Agents and Consoles.
  • Send notification to one or multiple Notification Servers simultaneously.

v5 out now!

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