Did you know that NetSupport Notify integrates with teamSOS?

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teamSOS empowers your workforce on the ground to deal with incidents quickly and effectively.

With teamSOS, staff can communicate rapidly about anything – from every-day incidents that require visibility or assistance, through to critical emergency situations. teamSOS’s app provides 2-tap-triage so users can raise fully briefed incidents from any device, instantly reaching the right people with 2-way message & innovative audio capabilities. Automatic escalation provides a failsafe in time-sensitive and emergency situations, meaning incident raisers are confident in knowing they will be heard and in an appropriately timely manner.

How does it work?

1. Identify and triage

2. Respond

3. Mass notification

NetSupport Notify

4. Real-time guidance

5. Record and evidence

1. Identify and triage

Your staff can log any concerns via an all-device compatible app, or via a smart lanyard buttons. Incidents are automatically directed to the appropriate response team for assessment and action, and with 2-way communications including live-audio broadcast, communication is efficient in time-sensitive situations. In critical situations, automatic escalation acts as a fail-safe to ensure no call for help is unanswered.

2. Respond

Responders can coordinate the response in-app to provide updates, receive status reports, and loop in additional teams or responder groups.

3. Mass notification with NetSupport Notify

Within teamSOS, responders to the incident can trigger NetSupport Notify to send out a one-way takeover notification to all users and digital signage, to update and instruct the wider workforce.

4. Real-time guidance

Relevant guidance is auto-fetched and available for all responders to provide support and instruction during an incident. With interactive tasks, checklists, playbooks, and videos, staff are empowered to manage incidents correctly and effectively, with live visibility in-incident of guidance being assigned or utilised.

5. Record and evidence

teamSOS maintains a comprehensive record of what happened in the incident, including embedded audio and timelines, providing detailed evidence for stakeholders and valuable insights for future incident management.

Key features include:


  • Streamline routine requests and emergency responses with our in-app Call for Help feature, accessible from any device. Two simple clicks enable staff to brief the right responders using 2-way communication, live audio, location sharing, and guidance.


  • Say goodbye to walkie-talkies. Our Live Audio and Voice-to-text features bring your communication channels into the 21st century.


  • Optimise your staff response with our interactive Tasks feature. As an incident unfolds, teamSOS provides accessible, in-incident supporting materials for all responders, offering real-time guidance.


  • Stay connected with our secure, GDPR-compliant Messaging system. Beyond incident reporting, staff can dynamically communicate through pre-set or custom groups.


  • Host and distribute your organisation’s content with Guidance. Monitor staff progress with our Heatmap reports and take advantage of free content packs from our expert partners, including offline-accessible bite-sized videos for medical emergencies.


  • Gain unparalleled insights with our instant, rich-media Evidence reporting. Our Live Dashboards provide real-time, organisation-wide visibility, keeping leadership informed every step of the way.


  • Equip your off-site workers with safety tools. Our Smart Buttons can be worn on a lanyard or concealed in discreet locations. With built-in GPS, they provide a fast and reliable way for users to raise an alert, enhancing staff safety and response times.