Getting started with NetSupport Notify

Téléchargement des composants

NetSupport Notify has a sever component, desktop consoles and desktop agents. There are also supporting apps for iOS and Android devices.


Installez l' Notification Sever onto a Windows PC. This manages connections to all Notification Desktop Agents and ensures immediate delivery of all alerts. Multiple Notification Servers can be added to take over if the primary Notification Server is unavailable.


Installez l' Notification Desktop Console (Windows only) onto the Administrator’s PC, allowing them to create and send alerts to all staff/students and targeted departments in a matter of seconds.


Déployez le Notification Desktop Agent onto every staff/student device (Windows, macOS, Chrome and Linux) that you wish to send notifications to.


Installez l' Console mobile onto any iOS and Android devices used by the Administrator so they can send notifications on the go.

To access all the components, simply enter your details on this page. You will then be re-dirigé vers our component page where you can access the main NetSupport Notify download, along with optional apps for multi-prise en charge de la plateforme.

The core features in more detail

Besoin d'un coup de main ?

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