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Before making a purchase, it’s wise to seek out reviews and experiences from other organisations already using NetSupport Notify’s desktop alerting tools to discover its evidence of impact. 

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Users worldwide
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Take a look at these comments from NetSupport Notify customers to discover the impact it has had in their school or company.

“Awesome Notification & Alert Software. Instead of calling around to each department, we can now send a message out when we are going to conduct a fire drill or restart a server. Saves a bunch of time.”


Hospital & Health Care

Used NetSupport Notify for 1+ years

“The software is very slick and allows us to send messages out to people quickly across school. The support we receive is also second to none and resolve issues promptly.”


St Anselm’s Catholic Primary School

Used NetSupport Notify for 4 years

“Exactly the product we needed at a great price! The software also shows who has read and acknowledged the alert from the central admin console and even gives us the ability to brand the pop-up notice with our own logo.”



Used NetSupport Notify for 2+ years

“Ease of use, open the software, type in your notice, select the users – and off it goes. Invaluable piece of software to keep users informed of important notices or events.”


Government Administration

Used NetSupport Notify for 2+ years

“No expensive lockdown alarms and significantly improves school processes as important messages don’t get missed in email.”


Meridian Trust 

Used NetSupport Notify for 5+ years

“Low resource demands, easily integrates into Active Directory. Great tool for getting important notifications right in front of staff when you need to.”



Used NetSupport Notify for 1+ years

“It is amazing for when you need to get a message out to all of the classrooms in the school and an email just won’t suffice – the teachers just won’t have time to look at it. It really does just [save] having to go round every class just to find someone…”


Plumcroft Primary School

“I think it is really easy to use – office staff get on with it really well. Class teachers can’t miss the message because they have to click on ‘OK’ before they can get rid of it and carry on with their lesson, so there is no excuse or reason to say, ‘I missed the message’. Cheap and cheerful and really good.”


Four Oaks Learning Trust

“The [NetSupport] solutions we use are fantastic! They work and provide a good scope of resources. It gives you everything in one box that many other solutions don’t.”


Endeavour MAT

Whittington Health NHS Trust

We currently use NetSupport Notify during critical outages and planned downtime to inform our 6000+ users instantly.

State Governmental Agency

Excellent response to customer needs. Product has been extremely useful in emergency situations.


Ivybridge Community College

NetSupport Notify is great for providing the extra reassurance for safeguarding. On a large campus, it can become an invaluable tool for communicating important messages.

Sunnyside Academy

NetSupport Notify is used throughout the school for all manner of notifications, from everyday messages to technical and alert messages.

Kettering General Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

NetSupport Notify allows us to distribute the console to several departments who can then send targeted notifications with differing levels of priority.

Wayne County Government

Open NetSupport Notify, type in your message, select the users and off it goes! Invaluable software to help keep users informed of important notices.

Rentenbach Inc

NetSupport Notify is a great way to notify users of system issues and know that you’ve got direct visibility on their screens.

Bloor Homes

We find NetSupport Notify to be a cost-effective, mature product. It has helped save money and time and increased productivity.

St Joseph's Health

NetSupport Notify is extremely easy to use. Having the option to schedule the delivery of messages is
great as well.

Reynolds Auto Group

We are able to push desktop notices to all of our users across 8 remote sites with no effort!

Southwest Airlines Co.

NetSupport’s customer support is very helpful – our Account Manager is readily available.

Monroe County Government

NetSupport Notify is easy to use and the messages are clear.


EOL IT Services Ltd

The software notifies our staff of events around the building in a nice clear interface – a colourful message on screen telling them all they need to know.

Furze Down School

NetSupport Notify is reliable and easy to use and gave us the confidence that all users will be able to use it in an emergency.

St Anselm’s Catholic Primary School

I love the simplicity of this software to quickly compose and send messages to users and computers across the school.

Ormiston Forge Academy

NetSupport Notify helps us with our lockdown procedures.

The Meadows Primary Academy

It has vastly improved our efficiency in the office and for passing messages to classes and other members of staff.

The Orchard School

I love the ability to quickly send a message to a group of users and computers – no more running around the classrooms!

Farmers State Bank

Excellent software for pushing critical notifications out to staff.


South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust

NetSupport Notify offers a cost-effective solution for broadcasting messages across your organisation.

Hethersett Academy

Used here on a daily basis, NetSupport Notify is invaluable for IT service information and urgent messages.

Trinity School

We use NetSupport Notify as it’s the quickest way to communicate with staff when we need to. It just works!

Village of Bartlett

Great product! We’ve been using it for over 9 years and have never considered another product.

Nashville Court of Clerk

We use NetSupport Notify for emergency notifications in the event of adverse weather or active shooter situations.


Julius Kühn-Institut

When employees are busy and receive countless emails every day, a popup is still the best way to reach them quickly and securely!

Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt

We use NetSupport Notify in our building as an alarm tool and for our annual evacuation exercise. It works reliably and gives us the option of sending targeted alarm messages to everyone, to location groups, or even to specific device groups (e.g. large format displays) in the event of a fault. When deciding which product to use, broad platform support was particularly important to us

Albany State University

NetSupport is a great company that provides excellent customer service.

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