Simple to implement and use, NetSupport Notify is the perfect choice for messaging and alerting across a LAN or WAN. Fast and reliable, alerts carrying varying priorities, customisations and delivery options can be delivered in seconds across the enterprise.

NetSupport Notify’s multi-platform support gives you the ability to send notifications from a Windows PC or Android/Apple iOS devices to Windows, Mac and Linux desktops as well as unattended large screen public information displays.

Key feature highlights when sending notifications from a Windows Console:

Instant Message Delivery Across Platforms

  • Send alerts and notifications (up to 500 characters) instantly to any Windows, Mac and Linux desktop from a Windows PC operator console.
  • Send messages “full screen” to unattended devices such as large digital public information screens, with appropriate timeout.
  • Send targeted alerts dynamically to selected users/devices, specified departments or all computers.
  • In time-critical situations, send a pre-configured “emergency response” message by typing a hotkey combination.
  • Real-time message preview before delivery.
  • Supports unlimited number of connected user desktops.
  • Include clickable links to websites and network resources (UNC paths) in the body of the message.
  • Support for Terminal Server / Citrix clients.


  • Prioritise each message with clear and concise message types – News, Alert, Technical, Critical, Message.
  • Customise alert and font colours and include organisation logo in all notifications.
  • Include custom audio alerts and supporting sounds with each notification. The sound can be repeated every five seconds to really grab attention!
  • Flexible delivery options – auto close after XX seconds, close on user acknowledgement.
  • The same message can be sent to multiple sites, each carrying different local branding.
  • NetSupport Notify is available in a range of localised languages.

Pre-schedule Alerts

  • Schedule routine alerts to run at fixed times or dates: hourly, weekly, daily, even every xx minutes.

Reporting and Tracking

  • View full alert history, view and amend current scheduled alerts and export delivery results.
  • Central audit log and detailed reporting of all messages sent, received and acknowledged.
  • Specify the length of time that notifications are stored and accessible for reporting.

Security and Active Directory Integration

  • Unique security codes limiting access to only authorised Agents and Consoles.
  • Integrate within existing systems via the supplied browser-based notification template and COM object.
  • Agent configuration can be centrally managed via Active Directory (AD) policies or similar.
  • Control ability to send alerts by Active Directory policy.
  • No need for router changes or support for broadcast UDP.
  • Easy to install with MSI installer or by utilising supplied deployment utility or Active Directory.

Web interface

In addition to the installed desktop notification console shown above, alerts and notifications can also be sent via the supplied web component. Once installed centrally, authorised users can initiate notifications directly through their web browser.

NetSupport Notify also provides an interface for integration with existing systems.

Notification Server

NetSupport Notify is based around its unique Notification Server technology. Installed on any Windows Server/Desktop, the Notification Server manages connections to all desktop agents and ensures immediate delivery of all alerts.

The Notification Server controls all agent and console connections and authenticates these against unique user-defined accounts and security keys, making certain that the system is only used by authorised staff.

NetSupport Notify also includes redundancy, allowing multiple Notification Servers to be implemented ensuring if one is unavailable at any time, agent connections will automatically switch to the next available server. You can use as many Notification Servers as you want and they are included for free in the standard licence cost. Alerts can be sent to one or multiple Notification Servers simultaneously.

Utilise the Notification Server technology for existing NetSupport Manager Clients.

NetSupport Notify Mobile Console for Android/iOS

The NetSupport Notify Mobile Console for Android and iOS gives you the freedom to communicate with your Windows, Mac and Linux desktop users or unattended information displays on the move from an Android tablet/smartphone or iPad, iPod or iPhone.

Free to download from Google Play, Amazon App Store and iTunes, the Mobile Console allows you to send instant alerts and notifications to existing NetSupport Notify users via your established Notification Servers.

Key features when sending a notification from an Android/Apple iOS device:

  • Send alerts and notifications to Windows, Mac and Linux desktops from any Android or Apple iOS device.
  • Send full screen notifications to unattended digital public information displays.
  • Prioritise messages and alerts with clear and concise message types.
  • Support for clickable URLs in alerts.
  • Flexible delivery options: auto close after XX seconds, close on user acknowledgement.
  • Send targeted alerts dynamically to selected departments or all computers.
  • View full alert history.
  • Unique security codes limiting access to only authorised Agents and Consoles.
  • Send alerts to one or multiple Notification Servers simultaneously.
  • Available in a range of localised languages.

NetSupport Notify downloads

The NetSupport Notify desktop version can be downloaded and trialled free for 30 days on up to 50 machines.
The Mobile Console apps for Android and iOS are available for free download from Google Play, iTunes and the Amazon App Store.


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